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However, poor recent performance isn’t the reason investors should consider getting out of Dogecoin. The single biggest reason to sell Dogecoin right now and never look back is its complete lack of competitive advantages. There’s absolutely nothing about Dogecoin that’s better than other trst coin digital currencies and blockchains. Portfolio rebalancing is an important strategy if you want to get the best out of your investments. Elite investors like Cathie Wood of Ark funds rebalance their portfolios, so individual investors also want to maximize returns and minimize risks.

  • They’re reputable platforms to sell cryptocurrency, including DOGE.
  • In any case, trading off the asset or some other crypto asset is equally dependent on whether there is liquidity for it.
  • A few exchanges allow you to use a credit card to buy Dogecoin.
  • There are a few reasons you might want to sell—but there are few reasons you might want to hang on, too.
  • To put it simply, crypto investors don’t expect any technical breakthroughs or major developments from Dogecoin, and the DOGE markets are driven primarily by hype and momentum.

Reviews about the withdrawal process on eToro are mostly positive. Withdrawals on the exchange can be easily navigated, even for newbies. The value mastering swift of digital currencies can go up or down frequently…. Typically, you get instant access to a portion of the money of your deposit for trading.

For Pinterest, this led to a 37% surge in monthly active users (MAU) for full-year 2020. As of this writing on July 27, the expectation is for Pinterest to have crossed above 500 million MAUs by the end of June. And did I mention that businesses have virtually no desire to accept Dogecoin? Online business directory Cryptwerk notes that only around 1,400 businesses worldwide will accept payment in Dogecoin. Keep in mind it’s taken eight years just to reach this meager number. Also, the team is exploring DeFi, NFT, and metaverse opportunities for Dogecoin.

AMBCrypto’s content is meant to be informational in nature and should not be interpreted as investment advice. Trading, buying or selling cryptocurrencies should be considered a high-risk investment and every reader is advised to do their own research before making any decisions. Even though the wider crypto market was green with Bitcoin [BTC] trading above $27.5k, DOGE bears could break the bullish resilience at the $0.06 support in the short term. That’s really a shame, because it is arguably one of the most unusual financial assets that has ever been created.

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Therefore, Dogecoin is not nearly as bulletproof as Bitcoin in terms of security. The best way to sell Dogecoin is via a cryptocurrency exchange. If your Dogecoin is already on an exchange, then skip to step 4. Otherwise, your DOGE will need to be deposited on the exchange to sell on the market.

  • For more than 100 years, the stock market has been one of the greatest wealth creators in the U.S.
  • You can avoid registering losses on your investments if you know what you’re doing.
  • Dogecoin’s novelty led to its viral popularity, but the coin’s real-world usefulness is untested.

If you deposited a large amount of money—typically more than $1,000—you may have to wait a few days for the transfer to clear before you can use the entire deposit.

Should I Buy Dogecoin?

You won’t fail to see eToro as  among the main 10 crypto exchanges in the globe. The eToro platform was established considering new and experienced brokers. Each feature on the platform is geared toward streamlining trading and other crypto-related activity. In view of this, it will be extremely simple for new investors to utilize eToro to exchange Dogecoin or some other crypto asset eliminating errors of getting scammed.


Essentially, the right to sell your Dogecoin holdings is determined by the investment strategy you adopted. If you adopt a short-term strategy, then you have to wait until that time is right before exchanging your Dogecoin. While some other exchanges leave their base withdrawable sum at a higher cutoff, eToro brought the bar low without decreasing the quality of its services.

Reasons You Should Sell Dogecoin and Why You Might Keep It

Slippage could also occur depending on how the market moves at the time of the transaction. If you’ve decided to sell your Dogecoin, there’s plenty of options available. Due to DOGE’s popularity, the coin is listed on a large number of cryptocurrency exchanges. One of the best places to sell Dogecoin is Binance, which is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange. Binance provides a large number of Dogecoin trading pairs, allowing users to trade Dogecoin against Bitcoin, BNB, stablecoins and a variety of fiat currencies.

The volatile market should be a red flag to a new investor. There are a whole lot of other qualities a crypto investor is expected to possess. If your analysis is right, a little deviation from that pattern you expected in the charts shouldn’t instil fear in you. An early discovery of an impending bearish movement might save from losing your funds if you invested in Dogecoin or other crypto assets.

Dear TSLA Stock Fans, Mark Your Calendars for Oct. 18

You can convert your Dogecoin to bitcoin and sell it at crypto ATMs, but these ATMs are hard to come by. Many investors are attracted to Bitcoin because it has a cap on its supply – there won’t ever be more than 21 million BTC. Dogecoin takes a different approach, as its supply inflates by approximately 5 billion DOGE every year and there is no upper limit on how many DOGE can exist. This supply inflation makes DOGE a less attractive option for some investors. Despite Dogecoin’s crash from its all-time high, Elon Musk still seems to be a fan of DOGE. In March 2022, Musk said he still owned DOGE and didn’t have any plans to sell it.

Since Dogecoin’s debut, a devoted community of fans has developed around the crypto. The community encourages members to keep holding their DOGE instead of cashing out. Dogecoin boasts celebrity how to buy eclipse crypto fans including Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, Snoop Dogg, and Gene Simmons. They think that the crypto has a bright future and holding it will produce great returns in the coming years.

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