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We help Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants and Educators understand how to become revolutionary online in order to attract MORE clients, in LESS time, with GREATER impact!


Want help navigating the tech and nuances of your next online event? 


Noelle McGough and I, both serial entrepreneurs, found one another at a movement based marketing event where we transitioned into the online marketplace using live virtual events as the vehicle to attract clients to our businesses. 

We learned very quickly that running live online events on our own was incredibly distracting, draining and unnecessary so we bridged the gap we noticed and formed an Agency to support other Entrepreneurs as their Live Event Managers, Planners and Team.

We’ve got you covered!


We believe that by leveraging your strengths- through the power of team- we’ll be stronger together and you’ll go further faster, without any of the distractions and headache! 

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In our first 19 months of business we;

  • Planned over 50 live virtual events
  • Impacted over 10,000 people globally through those virtual events hosted
  • Resulting in hundreds of thousands in revenue generated and lives transformed!


  • Attract New Clients With Experience-Based Marketing Methods
  • Create Community and Connection to your mission, message, products and services
  • Create  Digital Products to sell “On-Demand” for passive income streams
  • Leave a Legacy!

If you’ve been looking for ways to transition your brand online, this is the way to do it!


Most Marketing Consultants encourage business owners to hybrid their model online through events and other digital experiences. 

What they’re not telling you is that it’s tricky to pull off on your own, we weren’t meant to wear all the hats in our business, so many people feel that they can do it alone…and they get burnt out, frustrated and feel like it’s not worth it.


The difference? They have a team and a think tank of experts to bounce ideas off of and to acquire valuable feedback that will set them up for the most success. They also run their events with them and for them.

We’re here to share with you that in order to be most successful, YOU’LL NEED a team!

We are able to help you implement virtual events into your sales and marketing strategy at varying levels of your journey. So no matter where we’ve crossed paths on this map, we’re going to lock arms and get your events on target! 

We believe that you were meant to light up this world- not burn out trying to save yourself. You may not get another chance. 

Now is your time to create a pandemic proof revenue stream!

We are your Virtual Event Strategy, Planning & Event Support Team!

You need a team, who truly understands what it takes to run successful live virtual events.


Look no further.

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You don’t need to figure it out alone!

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