Charlene Helm


Life Lit Up: Inspirational Stories from Overcomers in Life & Business

In this inspiring series, we’ve collaborated with 10 other entrepreneurs to share their secrets to finding success.

If you’re feeling stuck in your personal or professional life, overwhelmed by adversity and unsure of how to move forward, then look no further! As Co-Founders of the CQ Event Agency and Co-Hosts of The Become Revolutionary Show & Podcast, Charlene Helm and Noelle McGough know a thing or two about overcoming obstacles and achieving success. With a deep-rooted belief in the power of community and collaboration, Charlene and Noelle know that together we are stronger and can go further faster.

What Momma Says About Grief

When a loved one or pet dies, it can be a difficult and overwhelming time for young children and their families. What Momma Says About Grief is a heartwarming book designed to encourage and deepen the adult-child relationship by introducing a conversation-based and collaborative approach to processing the heaviness of grief.

This book supports families and care providers of young children in safely and gently navigating sadness and often confusing emotions that come with the death of someone they love. With helpful prompts, activity suggestions, and guidance, What Momma Says About Grief is a valuable resource for anyone looking to partner with children through the journey of grief in a healthy way.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn tangible strategies to help children shift heavy emotions through activity
  • Discover ways to help children feel more peaceful & cope with the loss of a loved one or pet
  • Create a safe and supportive environment for children during the grieving process
  • Encourage open communication and provide emotional support through dialogue
  • Develop deeper connections through collaborative approaches to finding relief and joy


  • Dr. Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D.
  • Alexandra Nieves
  • Amber Howard
  • Francisca Garces
  • Janis Schiffner
  • Marcia Martin
  • Michelle Mehta
  • Najmunnisa Abdul Kader
  • Naomi Beverly
  • Natalie Perez
  • Noelle McGough & Charlene Helm
  • Sarah P. Antonella

Women Who Lead: Timeless Life, Career and Business Secrets from Inspiring Women Around The World

Are you ready to become a leader at the top of your game? Start by unlocking the secrets which will bring you unyielding success!

Are you ready to become a leader at the top of your game? Start by unlocking the secrets which will bring you unyielding success! Women Who Lead is an easy-to-read guide offering tips to achieve your dreams. Learn from successful female mentors who will show you the process step by step!

These women are influential leaders in their niches, earning the respect and income they deserve. Some of them have been featured on Forbes, TED, international speaking engagements, and high-profile publications. These distinguished trainers and top professionals share their favorite methods and formulae they’ve used to become the top names in their industries while balancing their daily lives. These principles are timeless, and you can apply them at your pace within multiple facets of your life, business, and career.

Follow in their footsteps by taking simple, doable actions towards reaching your goals. Your biggest dreams become a reality when using a specific strategy. Create your best life by learning from the most inspiring career and family-driven women across the globe.