''Make this time for yourself.''

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''Make this time for yourself.''

You are SO Worth it. Amazing.

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What Momma Says About Grief!

What Momma Says About Grief is a family handbook that helps children to learn how navigate tough times and tricky emotions using healthy strategies!

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#1 International Best Selling Author

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Marlyn Ferguson
Marlyn Ferguson
Arborcare Coordinator Valley View Funeral Home, Surrey BC
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"What Momma Says about Grief, I so enjoy reading this little book and can just imagine using it in an elementary classroom setting, Children’s Library story time or a Funeral Home. This book gives the adult sitting with the child tools to encourage them to talk about their feelings when something like a death of a loved one lays heavy on their hearts. Charlene has captured every essence of grief and steps to heal that sadness. I so particularly like when the author gently moves the child onwards with the words …. Momma says..”Remember them in happy times and for all the fun times that you had, celebrate how much they loved you and how that makes you glad.”
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"Charlene valued my goals in reducing my stress and creating healthy habits. As with any change this came with a few reservations on my part as I began to unpack my true stressors. Charlene dove in right beside me offering partnership and highlighted her passion for supporting those seeking a true shift in their lives. When I felt as though I was struggling to keep my goals met; together we adjusted my schedule. The knowledge and additional supports Charlene shares provide a full circle opportunity to set and manage goals, be accountable and make the advancements in your life you've determined for yourself. A big heart with a true ability to connect and inspire. I don't hesitate to recommend this amazing service."
Kathy Smith
Kathy Smith
Soul To Soul Counselling Services
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"Great Book. I have it in my collection of resource books within my counselling practice. "

5 Days Of Live Training via Zoom and Facebook Live: 30-60 Minutes of Training From Charlene Helm to introduce single parent families to a variety of highly effective strategies that offer insight and ideas for how to connect with your child, and to yourself, as you begin to explore what the next chapter of your life looks like after losing a loved one to suicide.