I’m so glad you’re here…

What a blessing it is that you found your way here, to my page! I love meeting new people and hearing the back story about what path led you to cross paths with me here because I don’t feel that it’s a coincidence, I believe that the time must have been right for us to meet and it was probably Divinely guided. 


It took me too many years to recognize, that for better or worse, people were put on my path and circumstances were laid out to experience as a part of what shaped me to become who am today and to be prepared for everything that continues to unfold. I’m just another step in that journey for you and I’m grateful that we connected! I have SO much to share with you and so much fresh energy to breathe into you!


My heart feels full when I’m presented with the opportunity to help ambitious, go-getter women, who are experiencing the growing pains of a new life transition, who are feeling lost and out of their healthy routine and headspace, and who find themselves searching to figure out what they enjoy at this new stage of life, feel more peaceful, grounded and focused. 


Many of the incredible women that I’ve worked with understood what it is they needed to do theoretically but really just needed a bit of inspiration, encouragement, accountability and friendly nudging from another woman who gets it. 


Ladies…. weren’t meant to figure life out alone!


Oftentimes, all that’s really needed are the right people around us, cheering us on and extending a supportive, non-judgmental hand when we are reduced to a puddle of exhausted tears on our kitchen floors so that we can get re-inspired to take on the world again!



I’ve been there many times myself and have learned a lot along the way, so that’s why I’m showing up for YOU now! To be the hand that I needed on some pretty dark days and to remind you that YOU’VE GOT THIS…and I’m here to help!


After suffering most of my life from anxiety and a serious lack of understanding of where my mission was in this world, I  took a scenic route through life trying to figure out who I was, what my purpose in life was and where I belonged.  The problem I later learned was that I really didn’t have a tribe of my own. As I got older, this became more of an issue, when I became a mother and then parented solo, I felt even more alone and then it got worse and worse over time. I was lost in a sea of “why me?” and took it upon myself to finally pull it together and blaze a fresh trail forward for myself.


I was so lost. 


After my father’s very short few month depression and suicide back in 2012 at Christmastime, I had no idea that my life was about to change so rapidly and drastically. His death triggered another 17 deaths over 5 years of many loved ones lost to suicide, homicide, cancer, substance abuse related deaths…and literally ALL of the family pets. I was broken open. Numbed between heart and head. Disconnected and vacant. My life was shattered and what I once knew no longer mattered. I was forever changed.



But something incredible was birthed. It was in those darkest moments, purpose ignited in unexpected and beautiful ways.  



In a pretty confusing time in my life where I felt lost in my identity between who I was and who I’d become, I stumbled into a new journey back to the little girl who I’s lost so long ago. The little girl who was lit up with curiosity, the little girl who dreamed, the little girl who loved and the little girl that KNEW she could do anything she set her heart on. I found HER again…but it took awhile.



In that time I learned a lot, I healed a lot and I faced a lot of demons I’d stuffed deep beneath the surface in my quest to find my place in this world. It was in a movement-based marketing event back in 2020 where it all fell into place for me and the pieces all started falling into place. I love retracing the signs that led me to where I am now! Check this out!


I attended a live filming online of the book Opportunity by Eben Pagan where I heard about this marketing event that was all about taking the message and mission in your heart and bringing more light into the world and I felt inspired, energized and excited again! I immediately joined the event and took my coaching skills and children’s book, What Momma Says About Grief,  into the online world. I wanted to heal hearts and empower families, little did I know how that would turn out.


What I can share with you now is to have hope and faith that life is FOR you even when it doesn’t seem like it or look like it on the surface.


Where there’s dark there MUST be light. I’m here to help you breathe a little life into the embers of who you once were so you can become who you were always meant to be. 


Let’s link arms and figure out the next steps together because you weren’t designed to do it all alone. I’ve got your back and I believe we’ve got a really great opportunity here to light up your life again in a fresh and invigorating way!





Charlene Helm,
Life Strategy Coach

Certified in Mindfulness and Life Coaching, Charlene has dedicated over a decade to studying, developing and practicing a diversified blend of  transformative holistic health and wellness practices that create more balance, flow, increased energy, clarity, focus and motivation.


These practices are the foundation for Charlene’s Life Coaching Programs which educate and guide busy working women back into more harmony with themselves, their families and their lifestyle.

As a Certified Early Childhood Educator, Charlene specialized in training young children to develop their social skills and emotional literacy.

Charlene’s mission is to empower children with powerful self-help skills in their formative years so that they learn how to handle stress and anxiety by developing new skills, language and confidence through active and intentional practices.

Charlene is also known for her intuitive guidance practices which have helped countless women connect, identify and align with what they really desire in their life.

Charlene enjoys co-creating and designing an actionable plan to manifest fresh vision for her clients using empathy, strategy and accountability.

My friend, you are not alone.

I truly believe that we are not meant to be stuck in pain, rather we are here to discover the learning and message behind it to unveil our true life purpose.

“My mission”

My mission is to help you breathe live back into the embers of your soul so that you can realign with a direction that feels truly meaningful to you!

My invitation for you, to explore is a holistic mind, body and spirit approach to move pain into meaningful purpose in your daily living.

You’re one call away from clarity and a partner on your path. Let’s connect over coffee and see what’s possible for you!

charlene Helm -Soul Coach