”Charlene Helm is an Intuitive Spirtual Practitioner”

Who specializes in helping women move from pain and loss to discovering passion and purpose in their lives.

Charlene is also a celebrated Canadian Children’s Book Author! Her first book titled, What Momma Says About Grief was birthed out of Charlene’s healing journey after suffering extreme tragedy and loss. This beautiful book has helped many families globally learn how to navigate heavy emotions and grief using healthy and emergent strategies, tools and practices that Charlene accumulated over the past three decades.

Certified in Mindfulness and Life Coaching, Charlene has dedicated over a decade to immersing herself in developing incredibly transformative holistic health and wellness practices that summon serenity, increase energy and focus and create more free time in the week to devote towards realizing any dreams and goals. These practices are the foundation for Charlene’s Health and Wellness Programs and Lifestyle packages that gently educate and guide busy working mothers back into balance and into a routine that promotes self-care and welcomed relief.

In her 8 year practice as a Certified Early Childhood Educator, Charlene specialized in teaching an emergent, child-led, and project based curriculum which focused heavily on developing young children’s social emotional development and emotional literacy so that young children would be armed with powerful self-help skills in their formative years to learn how to navigate stress and anxiety with confidence.

Charlene is known for her intuitive guidance practices which have helped countless women connect, identify and align with what they really desire in their life. Partnered together, Charlene enjoys co-creating and designing an actionable plan to manifest the vision strategically through her private Mentoring Sessions.

My Journey

I find it incredibly fascinating how life spirals us in wonderfully unique directions throughout our lives to help us develop the skills and experiences necessary to become who we were always meant to be.

I’ve always had a deep innate knowledge resting within my heart and soul that understood that I was born to do something bigger with my life.

My life journey has roller-coastered triumphantly through  adventure, incredible tragedy, love, loss, excitement, many humbled tears…and I assure you it was a wild yet necessary ride!

There’s nothing that feeds my soul more than extending a hand to families through incredibly painful and difficult times. I feel its an honor and privilege to partner together and bear witness to valuable and powerful personal breakthroughs as they confidently step into a brighter version of themselves.

My friend, you are not alone.

I truly believe that we are not meant to be stuck in pain, rather we are here to discover the learning and message behind it to unveil our true life purpose.

“My mission”

My mission is to help you breathe live back into the embers of your soul so that you can realign with a direction that feels truly meaningful to you!

My invitation for you, to explore is a holistic mind, body and spirit approach to move pain into meaningful purpose in your daily living.

You’re one call away from clarity and I’m looking forward to guiding you into your next steps. 


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charlene Helm -Soul Coach