I'm passionate about spreading a message of hope for others and lighting up the world, one heart at a time.

My goal is to encourage others through my story of overcoming trauma, adversity and great loss so that they can learn how to significantly reduce, even neutralize, many debilitating triggers that surface from time to time unexpectedly.

After losing 18 loved ones over the course of 5 years, that began with my Father's suicide at Christmas time in 2012, I felt veiled between my heart and head. I found it challenging to connect with others emotionally and it propelled me onto an incredible healing journey that eventually led me home to myself again. I read countless books, used a variety of self-help tools, researched and took courses to unlock the keys that led me to a much more peaceful and joyful life.

"Live a life lit up!" is my motto and it's become my mission to help people who are suffering silently to light up again.

In my coaching sessions, I partner with them to identify and unlock the next best step they can take towards living a more joy-filled life that excites them again.

I have written articles and have spoken on many virtual platforms sharing messages of inspiration and encouragement that a fresh, new start is possible for YOU and I can help you when you're facing important crossroads in your life.

Talk Topics Include:

Become Revolutionary in Life & Business
3 Ways to Live a Life Lit Up!
There's Advantage in Adversity