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Are you a family with young children navigating the challenges of loss and grief? Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to move forward? We understand, and we’re here to help.

Need assistance planning, executing, and optimizing your virtual live training event?


In search of a skilled partner to join forces with, ensuring a confident, successful, and professional outcome?


Interested in uncovering post-event opportunities to increase your business visibility and navigate the online market effectively?


If you’ve ventured into the online marketplace, you’ve likely encountered the challenge of organizing and managing online training events solo. The multitude of details can quickly lead to overwhelm and hinder meaningful progress in establishing your presence.


Running a live group training event alone can be daunting and distracting, diverting your focus from delivering exceptional content.


Imagine having a capable partner by your side, ready to understand your challenges and help manifest your vision. Picture a collaborator who can alleviate pressure, keep you on track, and share responsibilities, allowing you to prioritize client experience.


Feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about where to begin? Concerned about successfully transitioning into the online marketplace?


I’ve been in your shoes, investing over $40,000 in my education and managing/producing over 50+ live virtual events, including challenges, summits, masterclasses, workshops, and live training series. In 2020, I discovered the potential of virtual live events for business growth and now specialize in helping professionals like you increase visibility and connect with their audience.


Ready to confidently navigate the online marketplace with expert support? Schedule a call today, and let’s explore the possibilities together.

Experience These Game-Changing Benefits

Expert Guidance

Stress-Free Planning

Enhanced Visibility

Confident Execution

let's work together!

On our call, we’ll unpack your online business goals, brainstorm ideas, and explore opportunities to bring your vision to life. 

We'll kick things off with collaborative strategy sessions, to design an impactful training experience for your audience.

Then we'll anchor and organize your awesome ideas into a customized, and repeatable live training system

You'll be free to train your participants with higher focus, presence, and confidence while we manage, moderate the chats, gather data and co-host your experience.

As a result, you'll cultivate a more engaged and connected community experience, by enlisting professional and highly qualified team support. This will boost interaction and amplify your authority simutaneously.

Experience peace of mind knowing you have a dedicated team support locking arms with you towards your vision and goals, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

And the best part? You’ll rest easy and have more fun, knowing you’re not in it alone!

Client Reviews

As the owner of CQ Momentum Marketing (formerly known as The Challenge Queens), I specialize in Virtual Live Event & Visibility Strategy/Production. With certifications as a Certified NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapist, and Personal Growth Coach, I’m equipped to help you overcome self-doubt and fear, guiding you towards your dreams with confidence.


Beyond my work in marketing, I bring a wealth of diverse experience to the table. With over a decade in education, private investigation, and entertainment, my unique insights, style, and approach are crafted to support your success. Beyond my work in marketing, I’m also the Co-Host of The Become Revolutionary Show & Podcast, and a proud homeschooling mom. I believe in the power of teamwork and community, which is why I’m dedicated to helping you succeed.


Let’s dive into transforming your goals into reality. Ready to take the next step? Connect today to start shaping your future!

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With our expert guidance, stress-free planning, enhanced visibility strategies, and confident execution, you can elevate your virtual training events to new heights. Don’t let the challenges of the online marketplace hold you back—take the first step towards success. Schedule a call with us now and experience these game-changing benefits firsthand.