Charlene Helm Coaching

 Cultivating Connected Kids & Cooperative Homes

What Would Our World Like Like If...

Our young children were armed with all the stress-busting strategies that has taken us our entire lives to learn, without needing to learn the hard way?


How much different life would have been for you if you were equipped at an early age with the insight and awareness that you have now.

You may not have taken the scenic route in life

You may have felt safer having open conversations with loved ones at home rather than seeking out advice from your friends at the time

You may not have struggled so much with understanding and accepting yourself 

You may have responded better to emotionally charged situations, rather than react

You may have had stronger communications and relationships

You may have felt more confident, empowered and trusted yourself more in life

You may have avoided an unnecessary and painful learning curve

Really when you look at it, you may have just felt happier…

I’m passionate about…

helping families and caregivers of young children find deeper connection and have open communication from early on in life so that children are armed and equipped with the resources they will need to handle stress, anxiety, loss and change with more grace and ease as they move through life.


I’m a former Private Investigator turned Educator, Author, Online Marketing Consultant and Show Host. I’m an active, single, homeschooling mother of one and I live in the beautiful Comox Valley of British Columbia, Canada.

I love sharing messages of hope, inspiration and encouragement and I’ve been blessed to have been published in a few different projects that you can check out here:
#1 International Best Selling Book, Women Who Lead- Volume 2
Author of the children’s book, What Momma Says About Grief
Co-Creator & Author in the new Life Lit Up book series. 
I’ve been an Early Childhood Educator for 10+ years and I’m passionate about equipping and educating families with effective strategies, tools, and resources in order to promote healthy emotional well-being in children, confidence and cultivate stronger connected families through open communication in the home.
My background in Private Investigation gifted me with a unique perspective and insight into identifying and uncovering underlying motives and triggers that often result in disruptive behaviors in younger children. Once this comes to light, it awards a precious opportunity for trusted adults to partner in the process of helping their child communicate in a more productive and empowered way. I believe wholeheartedly that when everyone feels seen, heard, acknowledged and understood, happier homes are the result.