Soul - Seeker

let's get grounded!

Discover what you truly want to attract into your life through practical application. 

” It’s time to fight that mental fog, find your focus, and get you some serious momentum! ”

Discover what you truly want to attract into your life through practical application using an arsenal of techniques, tools, daily practices and strategies that I’ve gathered up over the past four decades!

I am an Intuitive Spiritual Practitioner who works primarily with working mothers who have an unrealized, heart-led mission in their soul but are feeling like they’ve outgrown the world that they grew accustomed to living in, and when Covid hit, it was a welcome break to connect back to themselves again from the busyness of day to day life. In that process, they lost their identity, routine and desire to return to a world they no longer connect to and are looking for inspiration and guidance in which path to follow forward.

” I help women…”

By allowing them a safe space to take off the ‘mask’ they put on for the world so that they can show up just as they are in a nurturing, supportive, encouraging and inspiring environment where rebuilding is possible.

Together we breathe life into the embers to burn away anything that no longer serves in order to make space for new growth, experiences and people to fuel the vision their soul thirsts for through a variety of strategies, resources and practices I’ve gathered and used over the past three decades. 


I’m here to partner with you to overcome and navigate incredible adversity, tragedy, pain and loss. You don’t need to figure it out alone.

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